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“If you suspect deceit, hit delete!“

Do you know that 90% of cybersecurity breaches on organizations arrive as Phishing emails?

Phishing is the swindling use of electronic communications design to bait a victim. Phishing attacks usually happen through emails. It targets user’s login credentials, social security numbers, credit card details, company data, and anything that could potentially be valuable or to install malware on the victim’s machine.

Phishing criminals are getting brisker, and their techniques are emerging rapidly.

RHYM Technologies focus on Anti-Phishing Scam Campaigns and phishing awareness campaigns to train employees, defense against cybercrimes.

Our Effective Phishing Campaigns

At RHYMs’, our analysts monitor thousands of emails, files, URLs’ and other data every day for the most advanced threats. This endless stream of intelligence assures user training incorporates current phishing tactics, with socially appropriate attacks simulation templates.

“Don’t be the bait!”

Ready to proactively detect this Phishing Indicator? Identify unusual activities with RHYM's Anti Phishing Services

Our Phishing Services assesses the organization’s awareness of these types of threats by conducting real-life attack simulations in a controlled manner. These attacks are designed to bypass traditional security measures and target employees in ways that seem legitimate, thus raising awareness of these threats through real-world experience.

Our RHYM Analysts track the number of employees that clicked on the email link and provide any information. They analyze the percentage of chances that a company might have a phishing attack.

RHYMs’ Phishing Awareness Campaign Management trains your employees, by helping them understand as well as learn how to deal with it. We also provide security threat reports on an ongoing basis by assessing the organizations’ security awareness

"We Help Your Enterprise To Be Secure!"