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RHYM Cyber Risk Score

“Secure your external posture with RHYMs’ Cyber Risk Score"
Our Cyber Risk Score (CRS) is an outside-in view and non-intrusive check of the cybersecurity posture of an organization. The CRS is defined in 12 critical cybersecurity, dimensions including proprietary score, helping organizations in understanding, and improving their cybersecurity posture.
  • Building one’s own intelligence on cybercriminal activities.
  • Further reducing the risk of exploitation through a business partner network

How do you measure?

Outside-in Perspective
Public sources of information
Proprietary ML Algorithm
12 Dimensions of data
Independent collection method

CRS Assesses

CRS Provides

CRS Helps

  • Cyber Hygiene Practices
  • Technology vulnerabilities
  • Cyber Criminal Activities
  • Cyber Risk Posture Assessment
  • Business Partner Scorecard
  • IT Cyber Posture Assessment
  • Having Common Language
  • Provide a Baseline
  • A Reliable Indicator of Cyber Risk
  • Objective Decision Making
  • Unbiased law

CRS widely helps in maintaining the organization’s reputation by identifying and dealing with security risks before they misfire.