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Next-Gen Enterprise Security Monitoring

RHYM SecOps monitors your organization’s cybersecurity operations and reduces your organization’s exposure to cyber threats.

  • Detecting security incidents in real-time
  • Identifying malicious patterns exposing Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) and Indicators of Attacks (IoAs)
  • Status of compliance with regulatory standards
  • Monitoring User and Entity Behaviour patterns to detect any changes not aligned with organizational policies
  • Triggering automated processes to stop malicious actors gain access or launch attacks

Features that advance your security systems

Security and Log Management

Log management solutions are about more than collecting and storing logs. The RHYMs SecOps Platform helps you understand what your data means. We specialize in normalizing log and machine data and identifying actionable insights so you can safeguard your network and automate compliance, threat detection, and response.

Incidence Response Platform

RHYM SecOps designed to help security teams respond faster & more efficiently to incidents & vulnerabilities by using intelligent workflows, business prioritization & deep connection with IT to streamline security response & improve visibility.

Compliance Reporting and Regulatory Standards

Our SecOps solution provides the necessary monitoring tools & reports you need to stay compliant. It aligns with security monitoring compliance requirements design by PCI/DSS, HIPPA, NIST, ISO 27001 & other regulatory standards. Generates a simplified report with built-in assets discovery.

File Integrity Monitoring

By successfully running our FIM your organization can monitors file changes on servers, databases, network devices, directory servers, applications, cloud environments, virtual images and to alert you in case of unauthorized changes. Our FIM solution uses change intelligence to only notify you when needed.

“The longer a threat undetected, the more damage it causes to your organization"