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Cyber crime is growing

Cybercrime is growing at an alarming rate with cybercriminals leveraging AI techniques. Going digital is increasingly becoming challenging as businesses are hit by humans and AI algorithms with sophisticated ransomware and malware.
The cost of Cybercrime is expected to be $ 10 Trillion by 2025 and will be the third-largest in terms of the size of the economies after US and China

Is your organization at risk?

Cybercriminals use sophisticated methods to gain entry and steal data and information. Businesses need expert help in understanding and mitigating these threats.

Ransomware attacks affect organizations and individuals across industries and around the globe, leaving no organization immune to them. Small and medium-sized businesses remain big targets, denoting 62% of incidents. On other hand 38% of ransomware incidents target the middle market which is marked as over $35 million in annual revenue.

A typical ransomware attack

  • Phishing
  • Network Vulnerabilities
  • Remote Desktop Protocol
  • Others
  • Domain Admin
  • Active Directory
  • Local/Device Admin
  • Exfiltrate Data
  • Destroy Backups
  • Deploy Ransomware Payload
  • Erase Evidence by Deleting Logs
  • Demand Ransomware
What is our ransomware risk?

A typical ransomware attack

How prepared are we to respond to a ransomware attack?
What controls do we implement for detection, prevention and response?

How we detect and help prevent ransomware?