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Secure IT Systems with RHYM VAPT

Technological advancements have imperiled the systems to cyberattacks, placing the organization’s standing, data, intellectual property, and business at stake. These attacks could be a consequence of the vulnerabilities existing in the multi-layered IT systems.

A survey states that 70% of the security breaches were financially motivated and, rather worrying, 43% of the breaches involved exploiting vulnerabilities in web applications.

Stay One Step Ahead of Cyber Threats with RHYM VAPT Solutions

Scope of RHYM VAPT Solutions

Network Testing

Unauthorized network and data access are assessed – VAPT and configuration review will be conducted on routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless access points.

Web Applications

Thorough scrunity of web applications to uncover vulnerabilities and exploit them following various guidelines such as OWASP, SANS 25, PCI DSS

Mobile Applications

We follow OWASP guidelines for testing mobile apps for all platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows systems.

Cloud Platform

RHYM assesses cloud-based microservices, Kubernetes meshes, in-memory data stores, and serverless functions. Classifies and tests cloud-native applications following CIS, CSA guidelines.

IT Infrastructure

The external and Internal systems i.e., servrs, endpoints, and IoT devices are tested which are accessed from within and outside the organization following OSSTMM.