Health is Wealth,
even in Cyber World...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling every business to work smarter, even the cyber world.

Cyber criminals are leveraging AI to design sophisticated attacks. But they need not always use these advanced techniques unless they plan a very targeted attack. Most of the times cyber attacks are launched using simple exploits as basic cyber hygiene is lacking everywhere.

Cyber hygiene needs to be monitored on a continuous basis as there are a lot of factors contribute to degradation of cyber hygiene e.g., changes within the IT environment, product upgrades, patch releases. Some of which are within the control of an organization and some are not.

Frequent cyber health checks will go a long way in discovering vulnerabilities in digital infrastructure before the cyber criminals discover and exploit these vulnerabilities, causing avoidable loss of money, data and reputation. Cyber insurance might help in some cases, but there is a risk of going out of business altogether particularly for small and medium businesses due to multi dimensional impact of ransomware attacks.

Our solution, RHYM Cyber Health Check, is specially designed for small and medium businesses in taking preventive measures to avoid ransomware attacks. It leverages a multi-pronged approach in discovering vulnerabilities using defense in depth principles, and it is a very cost-effective solution for small businesses considering their budgetary constraints in fighting cyber criminals.

Defending Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are increasing everyday exploiting every possible weakness, including the credentials of compromised, careless or unaware users. These can be spray and pray where cybercriminals take advantage of user-initiated actions like clicking on a malicious link in a phishing email, visiting a compromised website or targeted attacks where the cybercriminals persist on compromising specific organizations or individuals.

Spray and pray type of attacks are where the small and medium businesses are falling prey. This where the frequent health checks come in handy to strengthen cyber hygiene practices and prevent.

Maintaining a good cyber security posture is always a moving target considering the changes happening within and outside an organization’s control. And it always starts with a frequent cyber health check to know where we are before making significant investments in cyber security.

RHYM Cyber Health Check can be a big savior for small and medium businesses, helping them to take the approach of “prevent rather than cure”

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