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Cyber risk

Want to know the Value at Risk for your company?

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External Cyber Score

Do hackers find your external digital assets attractive to launch an attack?

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Penetration Testing

How can continuous validation help you in protecting your digital assets?

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Interested in knowing what role Cyber threat intelligence plays in cyber defense?

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Security Operations

How does 24X7 monitoring and response keep your IT Infrastructure Secure?

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Phishing Simulation

Do you want to strengthen your Organization’s Human Firewall and make it the strongest link in cyber defense?

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Interested in knowing how can your company be resilient in case of cyber attacks?

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Do you need help with Cyber Forensics to investigate incidents?

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Cyber criminals are leveraging AI to design sophisticated attacks. But they need not always use these advanced techniques unless they plan a very targeted attack. Most of the times cyber attacks are launched using simple exploits as basic cyber hygiene is lacking everywhere.

Cyber hygiene needs to be monitored on a continuous basis as there are a lot of factors contribute to degradation of cyber hygiene e.g., changes within the IT environment, product upgrades, patch releases. Some of which are within the control of an organization and some are not.

Our solution, RHYM Cyber Health Check, is specially designed for small and medium businesses in taking preventive measures to avoid ransomware attacks. It leverages a multi-pronged approach in discovering vulnerabilities using defense in depth principles, and it is a very cost-effective solution for small businesses considering their budgetary constraints in fighting cyber criminals.

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Our External Cyber Posture helps you discover all your external digital assets and vulnerabilities including dark web credentials leakage